Critical Caribbean Symposium Series Roundtable on Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival November 2014

In November 2014, the Critical Caribbean Symposium Series held a roundtable discussion about Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival. Participants were:

Pamela Burnside, Doongalik Studios, Creative Nassau, and widow of Jackson Burnside;
Nicolette Bethel, COB professor and research in Junkanoo economics;
Ed Fields, member of the Carnival Commission;
Roscoe Dames, CEO of the Carnival Commission.
This is the podcast from that evening. The broadcast is interrupted in places because the wifi signal dropped out every now and then but most of the discussion is here.



Among the objects I discovered in my father’s study–a place which had not been explored, I would imagine, for about 20 years–are (in no particular order):

  • the music he selected and used in 20-odd years of directing the Nassau Renaissance Singers, including some of his own arrangements and those of other choir members
  • memorabilia from the various CARIFESTAs he attended during his time as Director of Culture
  • notebooks with drafts of chapters of his thesis
  • notebooks with notes from a psychology course he took in England when he was there
  • a stash of various sublegal substances & risque publications (yep, he was a rebel)
  • some really cool posters from Cuba
  • notes and minutes from various official meetings, including the doodles he made during the discussions
  • documents showing what Sammie Swain cost to put on in 1985 (our recent revival CERTAINLY didn’t keep up with the cost of living!!!)
  • an early draft of what would become Winston Saunders’ masterpiece, You Can Lead A Horse To Water–a draft called You Can Take the Horse to the Well
  • slides from 1960 to 1990
  • reel-to-reel tapes of the interviews he conducted for his master’s thesis
  • some 16mm films … no idea what’s on them
  • a screen and a projector for those films (but we’re advised NOT to play them until someone can digitize them)

So … wow.

  • Cost of Sammie Swain, 1985


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