Theatre and democracy were invented in the same place and in the same decade. When two actors on stage talk to each other, at that moment a different emotion is demanded from the audience. It’s the emotion of empathy. The same emotion that is required for theatre to work is the emotion that is required for democracy to work — the idea we need to care about each other’s experience. — Oskar Eustis, The Public Theater

Ringplay is a repertory theatre company as well as a production company whose mission is to further the development of the arts in The Bahamas by presenting the best in national, regional and world theatre. It is composed of some of the most experienced theatre personnel in the country. Our commitment to Bahamian theatre is evident; among us, we have produced at least twenty-three original Bahamian works.


  • To expose the public at large to the range of Bahamian theatre
  • To revive classic Bahamian plays and present them to audiences old and new
  • To jumpstart the production of original Bahamian theatre by providing examples of past successes and fresh new work


  • To revitalize theatre in the country
  • To foster national pride through excellence in theatre
  • To expose the general public to the activities of Ringplay

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  2. on 05 Apr 2007 at 10:13 pm Nico

    Yep, no skits. Sorry.

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