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A Midsummer Night’s Dream TV Ad

Shakespeare In Paradise – Midsummer Night’s Dream from Keen i Media Ltd on Vimeo.

Woman Take Two 2010

What it Costs to Run a Theatre Festival — and how you can help!

Shakespeare in Paradise 2010 (October 1-11) is well under way. Building on the success of last year, we’ve booked our productions, extended the festival by a weekend, cast our local shows and are beginning to rehearse. Everything is on schedule. The only thing we’re missing? Money. Last year we took a huge gamble. We pulled […]

Creating a Festival – Prologue

The idea for a theatre festival has been knocking around in Ringplay’s repertoire for the better part of 10 years. I’ve blogged about it here already, so no need to go into all of that. It’s become a reality, though, because it was time. In our country, where we welcome millions of tourists annually (from […]

Production Workshop Photographs

These were taken yesterday, at the second workshop. Participants were learning the fine art of stage managing. The location: the back studio of the National Dance School.

Mid-week update

Mikey Reiach’s production workshops began Monday night at the National Dance School. I (Nicolette) caught the end of the workshop, and I can tell you that those people who are enrolled in it are getting great exposure to what it takes to create live theatre. *** And meantime, Craig Pinder’s rehearsals for The Tempest are […]

Shakespeare in Paradise Production Workshops

Shakespeare In Paradise Production Workshops start on Monday August 17, 2009. Bahamian theatre technician Michael Reiach, graduate of the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning’s theatre programme and veteran lighting and sound operator, will share his expertise with interested students in preparation for the Shakespeare in Paradise theatre festival. The workshop will cover […]

The Tempest goes into Production

The first auditions for The Tempest by William Shakespeare, adapted and dramaturged for a Bahamian setting by Nicolette Bethel, Travis Cartwright-Carroll, Reva Sharma, and Toni Francis, will be held tomorrow, Saturday, August 1st. The Tempest is the signature piece of this year’s Shakespeare in Paradise theatre festival (October 5th – 12th, 2009). Auditions will be […]

Shakespeare in Paradise – the dream

So what possesses a group of people to up and decide to create a theatre festival with no money to speak of, nothing but a dream? For us, it all began just over ten years ago. Back then, Ringplay was just about a twinkle in the founders’ eyes. The Dundas Repertory was still going — […]

Announcing Shakespeare in Paradise

For those of you who have given up on Ringplay and this blog, know that, like bad children, silence means that we’re up to no good. And here’s the result of all of that silence: Ringplay Productions is excited to announce the First Annual International Shakespeare in Paradise Theatre Festival, to be held in Nassau, […]