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Wind Jammers – Review

“Mudda is sick!!!” by Travis Carroll Wednesday 1st December 2010 saw the premiere of The Bahamian/American film Wind Jammers. A quaint story about a young girl that falls in love with sailing and the evil yacht club president trying to foil her attempts…at sailing. The film was shot on location in The Bahamas with minimal […]

Balls Alley – Bahamian Film

New film by Yeh Man Entertainment, directed by Celi Moss. Celi’s holding a release party tonight: Check out the movie trailer on YouTube. Caution: the trailer contains strong language and violence.

Ringplay on YouTube

Music of The Bahamas In 2002, this was the TV ad we ran. Footage is taken from the 1991 production, and features Patricia Bazard, KC Strachan, Viveca Watkins, Tex Turnquest, Ena Campbell, together with the voice of Manny Knowles. Macbeth David J. Burrows delivers Macbeth’s “Tomorrow” soliloquy. More Macbeth Macduff learns of his family’s massacre. […]

Ringplay Documentary

This time I’m talking about Ian Strachan’s documentary, which was presented at the National Art Gallery to a good-sized audience (several of them English 120 students from my class) in bits and pieces, not having been completely finished. I liked what I saw. Nice solid editing, not too many gimmicks, focus on the people not […]

More on Film

Tonight (at 6:30 p.m.) is the screening of excerpts from Ian Strachan’s documentary on Bahamian ringplay at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. Film is clearly a burgeoning industry in The Bahamas. During the Ringplay/IDB workshops in the autumn of last year, it was evident that young people who might originally have gone into […]

Ministry of Tourism’s Master Class in Film

Received from The Counsellors You and your associates (please forward) are invited to attend: The National Tourism Week Master Class So You Want to Be in The Movies? Tuesday January 10th, 2006 With the growing interest in film making in The Islands of The Bahamas this session discusses how Bahamians can prepare to participate as […]