Bahamian Plays

Among The Dancing Dead by Jeanne I. Thompson
An A Don’ Mean Cola by James Catalyn
Bahamian Rhapsody by Philip A. Burrows
Better The Devil You Know by P. Anthony White
Black Crab’s Tragedy by Ian G. Strachan
Bread, Oil and Standard by Jeanne I. Thompson
Chance, The by Susan Wallace
Children’s Teeth, The by Nicolette Bethel
Courtship, The by James Catalyn
Da Market Fire by Emille Hunt
Death of Silence, The by Helen Klonaris
Devil On The Cross adapted for the stage by Ian G. Strachan from the novel by Ngugi wa Thinog’o
Diary Of Souls by Ian Strachan
Dis We Tings by Nicolette Bethel, Derek Burrows, and Kayla Edwards
Dis We Tings II by Kayla Edwards, Tex Turnquest & Greg Lampkin
Dis We Tings III: Contract Voices by Kayla Edwards
Election 2002 by Michael Pintard
Election 2007 by Michael Pintard
Facin’ Da Mirror by Richard Fawkes
Fatal Passage by Ian G. Strachan
Father’s Day by Jeanne I. Thompson
Fergusons of Farm Road, The by Jeanne I. Thompson
Foretaste of Glory Divine, A by P. Anthony White
Four Billion Circles by David Jonathan Burrows, Sammie Bethel, Charles Huggins, Nicolette Bethel, and a host of Bahamian poets
Guanahani by James Catalyn
Green Country, The by Nicolette Bethel & Tinkle Hanna
Hold Up, The by Charles Huggins
I ‘Member Dat by James Catalyn
I, Nehemiah, Remember When… by Winston V. Saunders
I, Nehemiah, Remember When…(Chapter II) by Winston V. Saunders
I, Nehemiah, Remember When…(Chapter III) by Winston V. Saunders
Island Sex by Nakeva Eve
Kanoo by David Jonathan Burrows
Landlord, The by Sam Boodle
Light by Deon Simms
Lost Love by James Catalyn
Men Talk by Michael Pintard
More The Merrier, The by James Catalyn
Mr. Speaker by Patrick Rahming
Music of The Bahamas by Nicolette Bethel & Philip A. Burrows
Mysterious Mr. Maphusa, The by Ian G. Strachan
New Moon & Sabbath by Nicolette Bethel
No Cross, No Crown by Charles Bowleg
No Seeds in Babylon by Ian G. Strachan
Olemi’s Passage by Earlin Williams
Once Upon a Star by Nicolette Bethel & Tinkle Hanna
Our Boys by Winston V. Saunders & Philip A. Burrows (Music by Cleophas R.E. Adderley Jr.)
Pa and the Preacher by Ian G. Strachan
Powercut by Nicolette Bethel
Prodigal’s Brother, The by Jeanne I. Thompson
Rev by Eric Minns
Roots, Rhyme and Rhythm by Kayla Lockhart-Edwards & Marion Bethel
Rushin’ by Telcine Turner-Rolle
Sammie Swain by E. Clement Bethel
Season Of Our Lives, A by James Catalyn
Settin’ Up, The by James Catalyn
Single Seven by Susan Wallace
Sisters (Radio ) by S. L. Sheppard
Slaps by Dion Simms
Staff Room Gossip by S. L. Sheppard
Still Standing by Michael Pintard
Tale of the Chickcharney by Nicolette Bethel
Them by Winston V. Saunders
Thessalonicus by Patrick Rahming
They’re Rasin’ The Flag Now Mamma by P. Anthony White
Trapped in Marriage by S. L. Sheppard
Vicious Circle by Jeanne I. Thompson
Weddin’ Tale, A by James Catalyn
With A Little Bit of Luck by S. L. Sheppard
Woman From Nassau, The by S. L. Sheppard
Woman Take Two by Telcine Turner-Rolle
Women Talk by Michael Pintard
You Can Lead A Horse To Water by Winston V. Saunders
You Never Go Back by S. L. Sheppard

5 Responses to “Bahamian Plays”

  1. […] I did direct them to this website, and to …conch een ga no bone. But to be a little helpful, there’s now a page on which we’ve listed all the Bahamian plays we can think of. Note: the groundbreaking work of Fr. John Taylor, recognized as the first real Bahamian playwright, isn’t listed there — we’d be happy if people would let us know about that. […]

  2. on 11 Apr 2007 at 3:12 pm Charles La-Roda

    Just read your list of Bahamian Plays. Please contact Sue Shepherd McCrea at Mary Star of the Sea School in Freeport. She has written some wonderful Bahamian plays over the years. Two of which comes to mind right now is “The Woman From Nassau” and “Staff Room Gossip” among many others.

  3. on 12 Apr 2007 at 1:57 am Nico

    Thanks! Will do. I know Sue — didn’t realize she’d written that many plays.

  4. on 27 Jun 2007 at 9:45 am Meiko

    I did not know that there were so many plays. Wow! How can someone audition for an upcoming production. I would like to see if I can becaome part of this great theatrical history.

  5. on 01 Jul 2007 at 9:46 pm Nico

    You may want to subscribe to this blog, and keep track of when we’re having auditions. We’ll be putting on a theatre season later in the year with several plays, some of them new. Also keep your eye on the newspapers towards the end of the summer.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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